Hypnosis Services

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Hypnosis Services

Below you will find information on the most popular services I provide.  Along with a list of just some of the issues that people experience that hypnosis can help with. This is not an exhaustive list, but some of the most common issues that clients come to see me for.  If you can "think of it'  then hypnosis can "help you with it'!!  

Some of my most popular programs are: 

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Program

Smoking Cessation Program

Self Hypnosis Program

Past Life Regression Sessions

Stress Reduction

Hypnosis is a natural state of  focused concentration. Within this state the subconscious mind can be worked with directly to effect change at a very deep level. It is both safe and effective. 

During a hypnosis session a thorough intake is essential. I spend time carefully listening to you and asking appropriate questions that will enable me to understand your life experience. This information gives me a better understanding of where you are as well as what you desire to achieve. My process of questioning uncovers the root cause of the issue as I guide you to find your own answers. We always work at your own pace through the issue, enabling you to make the changes you desire.


Motivational hypnosis can help with a vast range of issues such as:


Weight loss

Smoking Cessation

Overcoming bad habits and behaviors 

Overcoming fears and apprehensions

Become more optimistic

Determine and set goals

Attract what a client wants into their life               

Stress and nervousness

Regain self-control 

Regain a positive attitude

Increase self-confidence

Become more successful

Enhance personal skills and assets

Personal organization and management

To become more persuasive 

To become more interpersonally effective

Manage situational stress

Performance enhancement (Sports)

Surgery preparation/healing

Habitual feelings


Improving self esteem, self worth and confidence

Improving wellness

Smoking cessation

Goal setting

Dealing with loss

Public speaking

Anger management

Habitual feelings

Symptoms of IBS (With Doctors Letter)

Pain control (With Doctors Letter)

Relationship habits and behaviours

Nail biting


Teeth grinding

Thinking more positively

Releasing negative thought patterns

Releasing negative memories


Inner child work

Study habits/memory

Spiritual exploration and discovery

And much more...

 Should you have an issue that is not on the list, please contact me directly to see if hypnosis can help. Email maritimeinstituteofhypnosis@hotmail.com


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