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National Guild of Hypnotists Certified since 2012!

National Guild of Hypnotists Certified Instructor since June, 2015

Are you ready to regain control over your life?

To wake up feeling energized and equipped to succeed?

To learn powerful tools that will help you align with your greatest self?

If you are ready to make changes, feel better and have more control over your life, then I have some very good news for you. Many people turn to hypnosiS after they’ve tried making changes on their own and have failed to get the desired results they were looking for. Perhaps this might be your scenario… frustrated by a lack of progress, but determined to keep going until you find something that works.

Perhaps you’re still in the early stages of your quest to make life better for yourself and you’re hoping to find the answers in hypnosis or you would like to help others build a better life by learning to become a Certified Hypnotist.  Either way, hypnosis could be the breakthrough that leads you to move beyond all of your unnecessary limitations. 

As individuals, we all perceive and interpret the world through our specific lens. As a result of this, different strategies work for different people. Together we design YOUR plan for success that is unique to you. You will leave your appointments feeling empowered to create change in your life that will balance your mind, body and feelings aligning you with your best self. With each session we continually track and build upon your success. As you progress and change you will experience greater motivation and mental clarity, calmer feelings and a renewed outlook on life. 

The world we live in is rapidly awakening to an exciting, yet age-old concept of the mind, and through it, a new way of living. We’re only just beginning to understand the true potential and capacities of our minds. Perhaps you are just beginning the journey of getting to know yourself better. Hypnosis is a wonderful tool to help you uncover your true self and your full potential. Hypnosis has quickly become the choice of many. It can enable you to change your life so you can experience a better way of living.

If you are curious about hypnosis, I encourage you to take this journey of self-discovery. Together, we use these techniques to tap into the deepest parts of your mind so you can move forward in your life and reach your goals and dreams, making them a reality. If live in HRM and you are ready to feel better, improve your relationships, stop smoking, lose weight, increase self esteem, release a fear or make other life changes, I invite you to take the first step…. Make an appointment so we can discuss your goals and how hypnosis help you achieve them.  


What does it feel like to be in a hypnotic state?
This will differ from person to person. Some people say there is very little difference between the hypnotic state and their normal waking state - not at all like the stereotype of being zombie-like. Others say the sensation is that of being extremely calm and relaxed, just as you feel prior to falling asleep. In most cases clients notice that their senses are more alert and aware, quite the opposite of what they had expected. Some can remember everything that happens when they are in trance, and others have less conscious recall of events.

How can a treatment aimed at your mind affect your body?
The body responds physically to thoughts. For example, when we think a frightening thought, we can experience increased heart rate, shortness of breath, "butterflies" in the stomach, muscular rigidity, sweating, shaking, and so on. Similarly, when we think a pleasurable thought, we can experience reduced heart rate, deeper breathing, relaxation of muscles, and so on. These are autonomic nervous system responses that are involuntary, but they can be utilized to promote health. When hypnotized, an individual is very open to suggestions that can enhance positive and diminish negative physical reactions.

Medical and psychological professionals have recognized the use of hypnosis in the treatment of both physical and psychological problems for many years. Our members are trained to assess whether hypnosis can and should be used for your particular problem. They will consider hypnosis among many possible modes of treatment, and may even recommend another treatment if they do not believe hypnosis is best for you. This is the most important reason why we believe you should see a licensed health professional, who is also trained in hypnosis.

Can children be hypnotized?
Many children make excellent hypnotic subjects, and respond well to hypnotic suggestion for a wide variety of problems, e.g., self-esteem issues, anxiety, behaviour problems. It is important that your child's therapist be competent and experienced in dealing with your child's particular issue or problem.

Can anyone be hypnotized?
Some people find it easier to relax than others. By the same token, some people are able to go into trance more quickly and more deeply than others. About 80 to 85% of people can go into at least a light trance. For most hypnotherapeutic goals, light trance is enough to enable almost everyone to benefit from hypnotherapy to some extent.

In a relatively small number of situations, (say, when hypnosis is being used instead of a general anesthetic, e.g., as in labour and childbirth), a deeper level of trance may be needed. For these purposes, it is helpful to determine the trance capability of a given person, before making a decision about the advisability of using hypnosis as an anaesthetic.

Even for those people (maybe 15 to 20%) who do not enter into even a light trance state, hypnosis may still be helpful to assist their relaxation and improve their suggestibility to constructive comments and suggestions.

Will I lose control of myself?
No, there is no loss of control. Hypnotherapy allows clients to be more focused and less distractible. In this way, they can achieve more of their therapeutic goals. If the hypnotherapist's suggestions are acceptable and beneficial to the client, those suggestions are likely to be acted upon by the client. Trained professionals do an assessment to make sure the suggestions they provide are consistent with the value systems of their clients. The 'control' misconception appears to originate from stage hypnosis which, funnily enough, also involves people doing exactly what they want to be doing.

Is hypnotherapy safe?
Yes. The hypnotic state occurs naturally for most people. When you read a book or watch a movie, you suspend your tendency to disbelieve while increasing your ability to believe. That is a form of self-hypnosis. You are making what isn't real, real. So, it makes sense that you need to trust the individual guiding the process. Hypnosis is safe, but it matters that the hypnotist is ethical and competent. That is why we counsel you to see a health care professional for health or psychological problems that might benefit from the use of hypnosis.

Can I get trapped in the hypnotic state?
No. At any time a client can re-alert or choose to ignore suggestions. No one stays hypnotized indefinitely - you will always "come out" of trance within a short time.

Will I be asleep when hypnotized?
You will not be asleep when hypnotized. The word hypnosis comes from the ancient Greek word 'hypnos' meaning sleep, but it is a misnomer. Hypnosis is generally a very relaxed state, but it is not sleep. Many people, after a session of hypnosis, don't believe that they were hypnotized at all. That likely comes from misconceptions about just what a 'trance' in fact is. There are differences between the brain waves of people who are asleep and those who are in trance. In practice, people who are hypnotized often talk with the hypnotist, and can both answer and ask questions.

Will hypnosis make you remember things accurately?
No. Hypnosis can improve your recall of events that you believe happened to you. But hypnosis is not a way to find out the truth (whatever that may be) about events that are in dispute. That is, under hypnosis you may re-experience events, but there is no guarantee that you are remembering them correctly. Hypnosis only assists the subject in recalling perceptions, not truths.


Member of the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada and Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists

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